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Major products  


  • Seamless tubes, rods, shapes and extrusions of 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series aluminum alloys.

  • Aluminum seamless tubes with fine surface finish meet the requirements of international recognized specifications.

  • Various aluminum extrusions are made in accordance with customer needs.

Bih Rong - major products

Aluminium alloy Application
1xxx series Shafting tube for the wire and cable, electrical conductivity products, radiator
2xxx series Aircraft, transportation structural items, screw machine products, optical component,
gear, automobile cylinder, piston, airscrew
3xxx series Chemical equipments, cooking utensils, furniture, condenser, heat exchanger,
pressure vessel, marine deck and surface
4xxx series Architecture products
5xxx series Marine products, deck and surface, shipment equipments, high pressure container,
3C cover, optical equipments
6xxx series Heavy duty structural items, bicycle, car, boat, truck accessories, furniture, pipeline, 
screw machine products, 3C products, hand railing, medical facilities, wheelchair,
used for most of general purposes
7xxx series Aerospace equipments, military defense, baseball bat, golf, hockey components,
ski pole, sport, bicycle accessories, handle bar, transportation suspension,
 medical facilities, wheelchair
Magnesium alloy Vibration absorb panel, bicycle equipments, 3C products, automobile components

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