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Advantages of indirect extrusion press  

Bih Rong Industry has been dedicated to advance the development of indirect extrusion technology.

The advantages of indirect extrusion are partly related to the lower load needed and partly to the more uniform flow pattern developed because of the absence of relative motion between the billet and the container i.e. heat induced by friction. The main advantages are:

  • A 25 to 30% reduction in load compared with direct extrusion.
  • The resultant higher extrusion load available can be used either to extrude more complicated cross sections or to decrease the billet temperatures, permitting the use of higher speeds.
  • No heat is produced by friction between the billet and the container, and consequently no temperature increase occurs at the billet surface towards the end of extrusion, as is typical in the direct extrusion of aluminum alloys. Therefore, there is less sensitive to tear on surfaces and edges to crack in the indirect process.
  • There is more uniform deformation of the complete billet cross section with no tendency to form extrusion defect or a coarse-grained peripheral zone.
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Direct extrusion with shell
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Indirect extrusion with or without shell

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